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About Us

History, Mission and Values

Inspired by the wanderer lifestyle of the sea, with unique and essentials products found all over the world, designed especially for Women.


The idea behind Looks Like Summer was born out of a lifestyle and came from Beatriz, Joana, and Chloe, three girlfriends from Portugal's seaside... Back in 2014 after traveling the world together they decided to visit the corners of their own country, only to find the most unique communities, filled with the most amazingly generous people that showed them a whole new way of life by the sea and countryside.

Portugal is a country of explorers and wanderers that deeply inspired our friends into sharing their worldly adventure with everyone and that's how Looks Like Summer was born, with the most beautiful pieces handmade from nature’s gifts, aiming for more than a brand but a feeling, a way of life. 


Deliver happiness with our products and services in order help everyone find their own lifestyle.



How we do business is as important as the business we do.

We hold ourselves to uncompromising ethical and legal standards. This extends to our day-to-day business conduct, our employee policies, our supply chain policies, our environmental programs and practices, and our commitment to human rights and social responsibility.


Our dedication to the customer’s happiness shows in everything we do.

Looks Like Summer reputation for superior customer service comes from the culture of creating and finding unique products with great quality at a fair price alongside a personalized customer support. “We take pride in the details - with every design, every day, in everything we do.”


Together we are one in delivering the best service.

The collaboration, dedication, and coordination between all members and stakeholders enable us to attain the excellence for which we fight daily.


We embrace change with a smile on our faces.

Creation is the core of our business and constant adaptation is the core of our world, with that being said we equipped with all the tools of modern technology and intend to continue our creative and innovative process not only through our designs but also in the way we approach the market and all our sun lovers family!


The design is one of the core values of the fashion world. We love to create and develop beautiful and amazing pieces. Our team imagines, draws and designs unique accessories for women every day. However traveling around the world opened our eyes to other brands and their designs, since we believe beauty should be for everyone and not only for the wealthy, we decided to act as retailers for some unbranded designs. Creating a more accessible version of insanely expensive models that are now available at a fair price for those that don't mind not having a brand stamped on their accessories.


Reduce Environmental Impacts

We minimize our footprint by sustainably managing our energy and water use, reducing our waste and carbon emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy. We employ innovative technologies to plan, implement, track and communicate how we operate responsibly to mitigate climate-related risk, benefitting our business and the communities we serve.


What we create is our gift but also our responsibility.

We believe that only through the best raw materials we are able to achieve the most amazingly unique products. For that reason, we work with small local producers and their materials, searching for exclusivity, innovation, quality, and style.

Our eco-friendly policy is one of the foundations of our company, therefore all materials we use eco-friendly organic raw materials and synthetic eco-friendly leathers in order to reduce our footprint and help to spread the message.

Human rights

We believe in a better world where all human beings are equal, happy and share the same rights and opportunities.

Looks Like Summer recognizes the importance of fair labor practices within our company and our supply chain. Looks Like Summer condemns the evils of human trafficking and slavery and understands the importance of eradicating the practices worldwide.

That way we are committed to fair employment practices and the upholding of human rights. We will continue to take all appropriate measures to prevent human rights violations (including slavery and human trafficking) in our supply chains.


Looks Like Summer strives to be a force for good by serving our World.

Our sustainability and social impact platform together with our core values guide our path to making a positive and sustainable impact wherever we do business.